Moorsimply: mooring has never been so easy

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It will have happened to many of you to arrive in port and have to provide autonomously for the mooring of your boat, an operation not always easy to manage, at least until now that, with the advent of Moorsimply, things could change.

The idea is very simple. The system features a mechanical arm capable of passing the two mooring and tow lines, the opening and closing of which is completely manageable with the help of a remote control. A very useful innovation indeed, which we were looking forward to testing.


We tested it at the Marina di Varazze, approaching the quay with both a motor boat (Pardo 38) and a sailing boat (Grand Soleil 40), with just one person on board and no external help and…surprise, surprise…the result left us pleasantly impressed.

I choose to dock stern-to, which is the most convenient and popular mode but it has to be said that Moorsimply, depending on how it is positioned on the quay, can also be used for bow-to moorings.

As I approach my berth I operate the remote control that gives life to Moorsimply and see that the mechanical arm on the quay opens, handing me the lines needed for mooring. This means that I do not have to jump from the boat to the quay and back. I don’t even have to wait for the mooring operator: Moorsimply also zeroes the waiting time.

All I have to do is reach into the stern, reach into the device and the lines are already at hand. We can autonomously choose the order in which to prepare them. Personally, I chose to have the starboard one first, then the port one and last of all the lazy line which, equipped with a handy loop, will make it even easier to slide it to the bow.

I take the first line and tie it to the starboard bollard, which takes about 15 seconds. I take the second one, without the risk of it falling into the water, and in another 20 seconds I perform the same operation.

The only thing missing is the lazy line, which I grab by means of the ring provided and take to the bow where I turn the bollard with the last knot. Dry hands, no gloves and no worries.

That’s it, I have moored single-handedly in less than a minute.

I think that’s what Moorsimply is all about: making simple, autonomous and quick an operation that in itself is not complicated but which, if we don’t have help, can be stressful.


Moorsimply consists of a few well thought-out elements, which make up this useful accessory that makes us autonomous in the mooring phase.

It is attached directly to the dock, about 15 cm from the upper edge: a one-time operation using a drill and screws. Once fixed, it will always remain there firmly and stably waiting for us, and its night light illuminates and simplifies night moorings.

The steel box moorsimply solar panelthat holds the motor supports a small but functional solar panel that stores energy in a lithium battery, an essential element so that it can also be used without being connected to the dock socket. A power supply is also provided to charge it directly from the power grid, but the solar panel mode is absolutely convenient and green, so I like it a lot.

From here starts an aluminium connecting element of varying size, what I have so far called an ‘arm’, to the end of which is attached the rope-locking device, the one you place in front of you when mooring.
This part is essential and, as I said before, it is up to us to choose the order in which the lines are placed depending on our berth and how we feel most comfortable: as with all things, a little practice is the best way to get to grips with it.


I approached Moorsimply with great curiosity because I am always fascinated by innovations but, at the same time, I have also been mooring boats of various kinds in the harbour for 15 years, so I wondered whether I really needed an accessory like this.

After trying it again and again, I have to say that the answer is absolutely yes, once you try it, it is hard to go back. The convenience of being able to do everything on your own in the boat is priceless: no jumping up and down on the dock in search of the lines, no more waiting for help from land, no more unnecessary effort. With a click of the remote control everything becomes easy, a bit like opening your garage at home.

Moorsimply also helps older people or those with physical problems, with this accessory everyone can moor independently and, above all, in complete safety.

The cost? Approximately 2,500 euros, which is really not much if we think about how much it costs to repair the damage caused by somewhat ‘hasty’ moorings.

So, in conclusion, I really believe that those who will test it like me will be enthusiastic about it. After all, what is technology for? For me, to make our lives easier, and Moorsimply is undoubtedly an ace at this.


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