Italian Lighthouses Rib experience
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Italian Lighthouses Rib Experience, starting from the Genoa Boat Show

Italian Lighthouses Rib Experience routeOfficial start in the fall from the Genoa Boat Show, more exactly from the Lanterna, with the following legs: the lighthouses of Olbia, Giglio Island, Capo Spartiventi, the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, Punta Secca, Palinuro, Naples and Ustica.

This is the Italian Lighthouses Rib Experience project conceived by Sergio Davì, the famous Italian professional skipper and expert in adventures and oceanic sailing by RIB, and CCM (the nautical association he chairs). The initiative is supported by numerous institutional partners including the Sicily Region, Confindustria Nautica and important brands.

The crossing, described by Davì as romantic, will take place aboard Aretusa Explorer, the Nuova Jolly Prince 38CC RIB.

At the press conference held on June 14, 2023, at the Marina Arenella in Palermo, Captain Davì, Marina Arenella General Manager Marco Acierno, Sicily Region’s Councillor for Environmental Policies Andrea Mineo, Nuova Jolly Marine General Manager Teo Aiello, and Suzuki Italia Marine Director Paolo Ilariuzzi intrigued the audience with the description of this fascinating venture that is not only nautical but also environmental, as witnessed by the release of the Suzzi turtle, which has been treated and finally healed.

Sergio Davì‘s Sergio-Daviventure, therefore, will not only be under the banner of rediscovering fascinating places on the Italian coasts, lighthouses that have always evoked romantic and adventurous images and fantasies, but also exalting the gastronomic and oenological excellence of the Italian territory, from capers to cheeses, from Inzolia to Grillo wines.

A crossing under the banner of love for Italy, defined precisely as “romantic” by Captain Davì, who will be able to capture the extraordinary peculiarities of the Tyrrhenian coast by ploughing the waves of the immense heritage offered: the Mediterranean Sea with a focus on its increasingly sustainable use.

The sea will be the focus of the meetings that will take place in schools in the cities touched by the Rib Experience because Sergio Davì loves the sea, respects it and in this new adventure will involve children and young people.

These meetings will provide a reminder of the need to preserve the sea, to respect it and to monitor it. Comprehensive awareness for marine flora and fauna, care for the environment and respect for nature are the watchwords.

The International Yachting Media will be waiting for Captain Sergio Davì upon his return from this “romantic” crossing at the Arenella Marina ready to collect his very first report.

Nuova-Jolly-Prince-38-cc-Italian Lighthouses Rib Experience

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